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June 9, 2021

#1 - Who are the Crypto Sheikhs?

#1 - Who are the Crypto Sheikhs?
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In this introduction episode, we will talk about who we are,  what got us interested in cryptocurrency and how the journey started. Follow us on Instagramand on Twitter, where we share additional educational content on how to build a rock-solid crypto portfolio as well as generating passive income streams through cryptocurrencies.   

Anas is long time macro investor in precious metals, real estate and crypto, as well as being a crypto/FinTech lawyer with Checkout.com, the leading FinTech unicorn in Europe and MENA with a valuation of USD 15 billion, and which processes for leading crypto exchanges like Binance and FTX. Anas has a passion for bringing his experiences in investing and working with financial regulators to help educate and bring mass adoption of crypto and blockchain use cases to the wider MENA region. 

Danosch is a macro investor and entrepreneur having founded Arami Group, a commodities business based in the MENA region. Danosch started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and is passionate about creating a fairer and more decentralised financial system for the world. 

On the Crypto Sheikhs podcast, we will be interviewing leaders, experts and entrepreneurs building in the cryptocurrency space here in the MENA region, and hope to help educate people on how crypto can help people find financial freedom or revolutionise legacy industries.