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June 9, 2021

#2 - New To Crypto? Learn How To Buy Crypto Like A Sheikh.

#2 - New To Crypto? Learn How To Buy Crypto Like A Sheikh.
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Want to start investing in cryptocurrencies?  In this episode for you we talk about how you can buy your first cryptocurrency, which exchanges you can use and how to set up your crypto wallet and withdraw your funds once you want to cash out your earnings and gains.

We recommend the following crypto exchanges where you can buy crypto for the first time: 

  • Coinbase -  get a free $10 in Bitcoin when you sign up with our link. Coinbase also offers you the ability to get free crypto when you complete quizzes and lessons on their platform. 
  • Binance  - sign up through our link and earn a free 5% in fees every time you buy crypto on Binance. Binance offers a range of crypto services, and has one of the largest options of cryptocurrencies you can buy. 
  • Kraken - one of the oldest exchanges with fantastic app which makes buying crypto super easy. 
  • BitOasis -  one of the easiest exchanges to onboard with in the Middle East. Use our affiliate link and earn free fees whenever you buy crypto. 
  • CoinMENA  - another great exchange to use if you are based in the Middle East.