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Arts DAO

We simplify Web3 for Everyday People

The Arts DAO podcast is your one-stop-shop for getting to grips with the Web3 and wider blockchain space. We simplify crypto for everyday people and interview developers, artists and entrepreneurs that are pioneering the industry. The Arts DAO podcast is hosted by Anas Bhurtun and Danosch Zahedi, the founders of Arts DAO, an NFT collector’s DAO which represents the largest Web3 community in the Middle East and which invests in NFT projects and founders.

About the Hosts

RahimProfile Photo


Co-Founder & Co-Host

Rahim is an early flipper of NFTs, having picked up a Bored Ape Yacht Club in the very beginning and now produces thought leadership on the Web3 space. He is very passionate about community building and strives to bring education in the space to a wide number of people.

Rahim is also a skilled professional photographer, and can be found in his free time jamming on the drums!

DanoschProfile Photo


Co-Founder & Co-Host

Danosch is passionate about building businesses. He started his first business when he was 18, and has since worked in senior sales & marketing positions in 6 different countries. Danosch is the COO for Arts DAO and also led the raise of c. $1.6m for Arts DAO.

He's originally Persian, but was born in Sweden and is a North-American Muay Thai Championships silver-medalist with 2nd DAN black belt in Jiu Jiutsu.

Nowadays he can be found with his surfboard out on a sunset beach, catching waves or deep in meditation.

AnasProfile Photo


Co-Founder & Co-Host

Anas is passionate about building communities and creating things. Alongside Danosch, he is the co-founder of Arts DAO, having led the raise of c. $ 1.6m for Arts DAO, deployed capital across various blue chip NFT projects and currently advises a number of Web3 companies on strategy. Previously he practiced as an attorney with a number of major law firms and Checkout.com.

Anas is originally from Mauritius, but was born and raised in Taiwan, lived and studied in London, and now resides in Dubai. If you're lucky, you might find him playing his guitar by the beach or diving in the open sea.