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How To Reach Your Full Potential. Interview with Dr. Adil Alzoorani - Arts DAO Podcast #26

In this episode, Anas interviews Dr. Adil Alzoorani, the founder of SocialGym, Citizens School and CEO of Alzarooni Emirates Investments. Dr. Alzoorani has accomplished several feats that make him an extraordinary individual including founding his own gym and school, obtaining a doctorate in Family Businesses and Business Systems and publishing two books. In this episode, he covers his mindset for success, the issue with schools these days, investing, and the future of humanity in the span of 45 minutes.

00:00 - 04:20 Introduction
04:20 - 09:50 Citizens School
09:50 - 16:45 Education and Teaching Blockchain
16:45 - 18:00 E-sport school
18:00 - 20:42 Discussing concepts
20:42 - 29:19 Flaws of Modern Schools
29:19 - 31:40 Adil’s Role in the School
31:40 - 42:00 Future of Blockchain
42:00 - 44:10 Rapid Fire Question #1
44:10 - 44:51 Rapid Fire Question #2
44:51 - 46:32 Rapid Fire Question #3

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