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How Yuga Labs is Taking Over. Interview with Michaela Lallouz - Arts DAO Podcast #22

UPDATE: We have now changed the name from Crypto Sheikhs Podcast to Arts DAO Podcast

In this episode, Anas and Danosch sit with Michaela Lallouz , the new edition to the Cryptosheikhs podcast to speak about how NFTs helped her get through the lockdown in the pandemic and meeting the Cryptosheikhs. This lead to Michaela joining the team and is currently working with them on their new project.

They dive deep into WEB3 and the reason why the BAYC distinguishes itself from other blue chip NFTs.

Also, they explain how the scams and rug pulls in the NFT space are very similar to the oil industry in America before regulation.

00:00 - 03:25 Michaela’s introduction
03:25 - 17:40 How the web3 space have changed
17:40 - 22:43 Utility of NFTs
22:43 - 29:53 Where is the future of NFT going?
29:53 - 40:03 Decentralization vs Centralization
40:03 - 44:13 Surprise ending


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