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The Solution to Funding Charity: Ruby Foundation - Arts DAO Podcast #24

UPDATE: We have now changed the name from Crypto Sheikhs Podcast to Arts DAO Podcast

The Crypto Sheikhs sit down with Sir Verlin Lim, Managing Director of My Liquidity Partner and Chairman of the Ruby Family Foundation, a blockchain-based foundation for charity.

It is a fully transparent foundation integrated with a DAO system. It allocates 100% of its funds to its initiatives. Verlin also explains how the foundation is fully sustainable and does not require donations by using liquidity pools.

00:00 - 01:15 Introduction
01:15 - 03:10 The Ruby Family Foundation
03:10 - 06:16 What is a Liquidity Pool
06:16 - 10:34 Why did the Ruby Foundation start this initiative?/What is the purpose of the Ruby Foundation?
11:35 - 16:01 Ruby Foundations DAO
16:01 - 22:08 Is crypto only about the money?
22:08 - What is the future of the Ruby Foundation?
24:43 - 26:13 What other projects are there?
26:13 - 27:48 Last words
27:48 - 28:48 Rapid Fire Question 1 OR If you were not doing this, what would you do?
28:48 - 29:22 Rapid Fire Question 2 OR Secret talent?
29:22 - 31:11 Rapid Fire Question 3 OR Best resturant in Dubai?


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